You would not trust your health to someone because they own a stethoscope and a lab coat.  So why would you hire someone to do your spatial data collection and processing just because they own a UAV?  For peace of mind and guaranteed data integrity ask the professionals to assist you on your next project and hire

J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd.


JRCanMap....We Map Your Industry


All imagery on this website is the property of JRCanMap. All imagery and data is from various projects completed by our office and is displayed with the permission of our clients.


Since 2001, J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd. has worked with resource companies and government agencies in need of accurate 3D spatial products in a timely and cost effective manner.

JRCanMap is a full service mapping firm that provides the following services for both full scale and UAS aerial photography:

  • Project Planning
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Digital Elevation Modelling
  • Digital Surface Modelling
  • Surface Change Detection
  • Planimetric Data Collection
  • Orthophotography
  • Volumetrics

We are a trusted industry leader with a proven track record for delivering complete 3D spatial data solutions of exceptional quality and precision.

In the last 17 years JRCanMap has completed hundreds of projects both domestically and internationally. We have a reputation for exceeding project specifications with our innovative collection methods and meticulous attention to detail. We have mapped projects for varied industries and have references and samples to provide if required.

At JRCanMap we enjoy all size projects and challenges. Whether it is a few hectares of detailed 1cm UAV data collection or hundreds of thousands of hectares of elevation modelling, we never compromise quality and always ensure accuracy you can trust.

Our organization is engineered to face projects with integrity, dedication and of course quality in the execution.

Key Personnel

John Rankin, BSc

Founder & President, UAS Pilot


John Rankin, a trained photogrammetrist, has been creating 3D surfaces and mapping products for over 25 years.  As President of J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd., John has been instrumental in the management and completion of hundreds of 3D spatial data collection projects across the globe for varied industries.

While a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, John learned that an accurate map could mean the difference between a successful or failed mission.  John knows the importance of a quality map or surface and takes the responsibility of creating a product for a client seriously.

In the last five years, John has focused on the development and implementation of an Unmanned Aerial System and the associated post processing workflows for use within J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography from the University of Calgary and a Technical Diploma in Surveying and Photogrammetry from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.


Christina Tennant, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Project Development Manager, Ground Control Station Operator


Christina Tennant is an integral part of the J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd. team, experienced in Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) flight planning and operations, data collection and processing, and program development.

Joining J.R. Canadian Mapping Ltd. in 2012, Christina was a major contributor in the development the company’s UAS and data processing workflows.  With intimate knowledge of the UAS and hundreds of hours as the GCS operator, Christina is committed to the safe operation of the UAS and is prepared for any field situation. 

Christina acquired valuable experience in remote sensing, mapping, GIS, and programming during her studies at the University of Northern British Columbia.  While attending university, Christina enhanced her determination to complete projects, her dedication to produce high quality work, and her desire to find solutions to problems.

Christina holds a Master’s in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography. Christina is presently working on her doctorate.

JRCanMap has been funded by the National Research Council of Canada for its development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for data collection and close range photogrammetric processing.